a decentralized peer-to-peer remittance platform

Our Core

What We Do

Instafer will create an entirely new model for international remittances. Utilizing the Instafer blockchain and its native InstaCoin (INC), Instafer creates a decentralized, peer-to-peer, transparent model for international remittances. This model allows for remittances (or transfers) to occur much faster, minimizes systematic errors and operational fees, and creates a publicly auditable trail that inherently deters money laundering and terrorist financing. Instafer aims to dramatically improve the currently inefficient remittance system. Instafer will fundamentally change lives of millions.

As the world continues to become more globalized, Instafer aims to improve the lives of millions of migrant workers, expats, and international families by simplifying, expediting, and reducing the cost of international remittances.


Current exchanges are prone to hacking and there have been huge sums of money lost when stored with a central authority


No physical authority present at the time of dispute and customer support takes longer time to solve issues


Still connected highly to the banking system which opens up the activity of the user to government and regulatory authorities


Delay in the fiat payments upon selling the cryptocurrencies as well as in the approval of the fiat sent to the platform

The Solution

Instafer replaces the small network of trusted third parties who use archaic, manual processes to transfer funds with a transparent, trustless network capable of theoretically unlimited transaction volume.

Instafer agents power a network of fiat-currency pegged smart contracts. For example, the USDX and INRX smart contracts would be pegged to the US Dollar and Indian Rupee, respectively. These smart contracts facilitate the process in which InstaCoin can be transferred between parties. As a result, remittances can occur transparently, near real-time, and without high fees. These remittances are sent to and from any internet connected device, eliminating the requirement for inconvenient and costly travel.


Low fee remittances and a more convenient application to decrease frustration and increase efficiency for our community


Instacoins are earned upon successful transactions and allow immediate liquidity in fiat to make buying in crypto easy


The growing base of users and agents will increase the demands of Instacoins – there will be a fixed supply produced

INC Token

InstaCoin token is a freely traded currency with a market value that will presumably fluctuate based on supply and demand on exchanges. Agents can choose to either hold INC directly in the application wallet, thereby absorbing the risk of volatility, or they may send their INC to a stable coin contract, such as USDX, which allows the agent to retain USD valuation at the time of staking.

As the price of the INC token varies relative to fiat currencies such as USD, the amount of INC in each fiat pegged stable coin contract must also increase or decrease to retain its current value. The USD valuation of INC at any given moment is monitored via API from online exchanges. This allows the risk seeking Instafer participants to attempt to benefit from the volatility while providing a safe harbor from volatility for the risk-averse.


Want to Participate in the Project?

Our Token

Allocation & Funding

Total Supply According to Testing: 300 Million Tokens (optimum)
Selling: 80% of the Tokens     Holding: 20% of the Tokens
Founder’s Share: 60 Million Tokens (20% )
Pre-Sale/Pre-ICO: 90 Million Tokens (30% )
ICO: 150 Million Tokens (50%)

Soft Cap: $10 Million                     Hard Cap: $50 Million

The addresses will be released on 1 October 2018. Investors will be required to be whitelisted and can send their interest in participating in the ICO from 1 August 2018.

How to participate?

Register for our whitelist to be approved by our management team.

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